70% of People Feel that Employee Wellbeing is Not Taken Seriously Enough in the Workplace

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We ran social media polls on Facebook and Twitter to gain insights into how important musculoskeletal (MSK) and mental health support really is to employees. Our results revealed new insights into the need for a holistic wellbeing strategy, with 70% of people saying they don’t believe that employee wellbeing and musculoskeletal issues are taken seriously enough in the workplace.

Supporting our recent research into the proven link between MSK and mental health conditions, our polls found that 36% of people said that when they suffered from a musculoskeletal problem, it contributed to an increase in anxiety. Despite this and the fact that depression is four times as common in people who experience persistent pain , nearly 2 in 3 people said their business does not provide access to tailored support for mental health or musculoskeletal conditions.

As an employer, you can reduce the impact of MSK and mental health issues in the workplace by implementing a Health Cash Plan which addresses multiple issues holistically. At Health Shield, our Health Cash Plans offer integrated treatment pathways tailored to the individual, allowing for the right care at the right time. Our plans allow employees to seek support for physical and mental health in a coordinated way, aiming to improve their overall health and as a result, improve absenteeism. With 90% of people saying they would feel better knowing that there was a clear treatment pathway available to help manage a mental health or musculoskeletal issue, now is the time to invest.

Investing in mental health support will not only improve employee wellbeing, 57% of people said that if their employer proactively supported their mental wellbeing, it would help them to feel more loyal, be more productive and take less time off work. Our cost calculator estimates that for a company of 200 employees, you could save £94,649.40 per year by investing in MSK and mental health support*. Why not use our online cost calculator to see how much your business could save by investing in MSK and mental health support with Health Shield?

For more information on how to reduce the impact of poor MSK and mental health in your workplace, you can download our free eBook here.

* Calculation based on the cost of Thrive when purchased directly, minus the cost when purchased via Health Shield, with an ROI of 1:9. The figure is based on the average percentage of employees referred per annum, the average cost per referral and the average ROI = 10:1


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