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Occupational Health

Health and Safety, legal obligations and absenteeism. These are all issues that keep business managers awake at night. But with our occupational health solutions you can rest easy.

They’re flexible and affordable, so you can invest in exactly the level of service your business needs to manage absenteeism and protect the safety, health and welfare of your employees.

  • Designed to help employers with their duty of care
  • Manage absenteeism and accelerate a return to work
  • Help ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation

Occupational Health Helpline

Employers can call the helpline where they’ll receive clinical advice on general OH matters that have arisen in the workplace, including any related to absenteeism.



Call for advice today: 
01270 588555

Occupational Health Questionnaires.

The continuous refinement of an occupational health strategy
is a must for all businesses. And there’s no better way of
identifying ways to improve than listening to your employees.
Our questionnaires enable you to do just that. Cost-effective
with flexible options, they’re specifically designed to support
your duty of care as an employer.




To find out more about how our solutions could support your business, get in touch on 
01270 588555.

Enquiry Form

  • Online Occupational Health Questionnaire

    New Starter

    Once someone has been offered an employment contract, the employer is within their rights to ask about any health issues to determine whether any adjustments are required in the workplace. The employee doesn't have to complete the questionnaire but in our experience this is the best time to determine whether the employer needs to be aware of any health problems.

    Night Worker

    Employees working after 11pm and before 6am should be offered a Night Worker Health Questionnaire every year to allow the employer to determine whether night work is impacting on the employee's health.

    Display System Equipment (DSE)

    Employees working with DSE have a statutory right to be offered a DSE assessment every year.

    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

    HAVS is a key area for claims against employers and there are statutory requirements for HAVS reviews to be conducted for employees who are exposed to vibrating machinery.

    Working at Heights

    Helping employers meet their duty of care by ensuring their employees are medically fit to operate at heights in their working environment, reducing potential risks.

    Musculoskeletal Assessments

    Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the leading reasons for absence in the UK. This questionnaire allows employers to conduct a risk review for employees who have musculoskeletal problems or who are exposed to musculoskeletal risks.


    Once an employer has been advised that an employee is expecting a baby the employer should conduct a risk assessment to ensure the workplace is not putting the mother or baby at risk.

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