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Occupational Health

Health and Safety, legal obligations and absenteeism. These are all issues that keep business managers awake at night. But with our occupational health solutions you can rest easy.

They’re flexible and affordable, so you can invest in exactly the level of service your business needs to manage absenteeism and protect the safety, health and welfare of your employees.

  • Designed to help employers with their duty of care
  • Manage absenteeism and accelerate a return to work
  • Help ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation

Occupational Health Helpline

Employers can call the helpline where they’ll receive clinical
advice on general OH matters that have arisen in the
workplace, including any related to absenteeism.



Call for advice today: 
01270 588555


On-Site Risk Surveillance. 

Helping you minimise any risks to the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Our on-site risk assessments are tailored to the specific needs and activities of your business. Armed with the latest mobile health equipment, our occupational health professionals visit your workplaces and fully assess the health of your employees and any risks they may face at work.


To find out more about how our solutions could support your business, get in touch on
01270 588555.

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  • On-Site Risk Assessments

    Eyesight Tests to Occupational Health Standard
    Conducted using an eyesight chart – this is to test whether the employee's eyesight is putting themselves or others at risk.
    Peripheral Eyesight and Colour Blindness Tests
    Conducted using colour blindness charts to ensure the employee is not putting themselves and others at risk – particularly whilst driving.
    Hearing Tests
    Conducted using hearing test software and noise cancelling headphones. This test provides hearing results taking age into account.
    Lung Function Tests
    Respiratory test using a digital spirometer to provide precise lung function results.
    Skin Surveillance
    Review of the skin, usually on the arms and legs, to consider whether the employee is having a reaction to something within the workplace.
    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
    Review of the fingers looking for signs of 'white finger’.
    Musculoskeletal Review
    Review carried out with the employee to consider whether they have any musculoskeletal issues and if they could have been caused by the existing or previous workplaces.
    Blood Pressure Test
    We believe that all employees should be offered a blood pressure test because it's one of the key health indicators (however this is not an occupational health test).
    Medication Review
    Review of the medication the employee might be taking in order to consider whether the medication might be causing unwanted side effects e.g. drowsiness at work.
    Urinalysis for Protein, Glucose & Blood (optional)
    Employees working at height should be offered a test for protein, glucose and blood to determine whether they are vulnerable to epilepsy or diabetes.
    Occupational Health Questionnaire
    This forms part of the results process and is completed during the assessment by the practitioner.

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