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Occupational Health

Health and Safety, legal obligations and absenteeism. These are all issues that keep business managers awake at night. But with our occupational health solutions you can rest easy.

They’re flexible and affordable, so you can invest in exactly the level of service your business needs to manage absenteeism and protect the safety, health and welfare of your employees.

  • Designed to help employers with their duty of care
  • Manage absenteeism and accelerate a return to work
  • Help ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation

Occupational Health Helpline

Employers can call the helpline where they’ll receive clinical advice on general OH matters that have arisen in the workplace, including any related to absenteeism.



Call for advice today: 
01270 588555

Stress Intervention.

Early intervention can result in employees being fit to return to work
sooner, making the transition back into the workplace less stressful for
employees and more productive for employers. As a matter of priority, our
OH Clinician collaborates with the employer to establish if its workplace
stress or related to other factors such as the employee’s mental health.

To find out more about how our solutions could support your business, get in touch on 
01270 588555.

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