Dental Hygiene is as Important as Taking Care of Your Eyes

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Health Shield take a look at some of the lesser known facts about teeth and why it is important to look after them and avoid those un-necessary trips to the dentist.

Everyone has fallen victim to a toothache at some point in their life, whether it’s been a niggle or a much more intense pain. Unfortunately, it’s just a downside that all those things we love to indulge in now and again are regarded as bad for our teeth and can only attribute to a toothache or further dental trips.

It’s not just the things we eat that we have to take into consideration when looking after your pearly whites, it might sound obvious to say but regular brushing makes a big difference. You’d be surprised how many people don’t brush twice a day, or in fact use toothpaste!

Keeping friendly with your dentist means they are more likely to detect any problems such as cavities in the early stages, gum disease and even cancer. Don’t forget that a Health Shield health cash plan can cover these trips to the dentist to you don’t have a reason not to attend.

Statistics have suggested that 28% of people don’t like to smile on pictures because of their teeth, 42% of people said they would change their teeth if they could change anything about themselves, and 63% said they wished their teeth were cleaner and whiter. Tooth whitening is covered under the Health Shield health cash plan, so it’s easier to improve your smile if you feel you need to.

The most popular tips you will see for your dental health are regular brushing, brushing of the tongue and gums, and cutting down on sugar. However, it is just as important to floss, replace your toothbrush every 3 months and use mouthwash. So much to remember to keep your teeth healthy!

74% of adults have had to have a tooth extracted at some point in their life. This is a huge figure when you put it into perspective. Furthermore, a massive 84% of adults have one or more fillings.

It is true that dental anxiety can keep you away from the dentist, but is that worth the risk when you look at everything good that can happen with a check up? Preventing a mouth illness is certainly a preferred option.

Remember to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, and visit your dentist regularly. If you’re a member of Health Shield health cash plan can get cashback for your dentist trips, up to your chosen annual limit, so there is no reason not to keep your mouth as healthy as you can.