Choose Your Plan

Which of our health cash plans is right for you and your organisation? Here, we’ve put together a quick guide so you can get to know all about our different health cash plans and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. If you’re not sure, just click on the boxes and in a few simple steps, we’ll recommend plans based on your answers.

Is the plan to be employer paid or employee paid?

? With an Employer Paid plan, an organisation pays for its employees to be part of a health cash plan. An employee paid plan is funded entirely by the Employee on a voluntary basis via payroll deduction

How many employees do you wish to cover?

? We have a range of plans to cover businesses of all shapes and sizes

Do you require a plan to fit into a Flexible Benefits Platform?

? A Flexible Benefits Platform allows employees to pick and choose a benefits package to suit their individual needs. We’ve designed two health cash plans that can easily slot into existing Flexible Benefits Platforms.

Do you require a unique tailor made scheme?

? Our Tailored scheme allows you to pick and choose health benefits to create a unique health cash plan, with the company name and logo included.

Your health cash plan options are:

Advanced Health Screen

Our most flexible health screen gives a choice of levels to suit the needs of your workforce

Occupational Health Management Referrals

Employee Occupational Health reports (either telephone or face-to-face)

Free Online Occupational Health Support Service

Assesses employee health and identifies health risks in the workplace

Online Occupational Health Questionnaires

Our annual licence provides access to a range of digital health questionnaires

Occupational Health Risk Surveillance Assessment

Assesses employee health and identifies health risks in the workplace

Employee Assistance Programme with 24/7 Counselling & Support Helpline

Professional telephone and face-to-face counselling support

24/7 Counselling & Support Helpline

Employees can access expert support and advice on a range of issues whenever they need it

Premium Health Screen

Our most comprehensive health screen offers peace of mind for all employees with a full range of tests

Core Health Check

Our entry-level health screen is a great starting point on the road to a healthier workplace

British Friendly

A personal health plan available to everyone


20 – 99

1 – 19


Company sponsored cover for SMEs with three or more employees from as little as £1.68 per week per employee



Cost-effective and quick and easy to implement. This company-sponsored plan is ideal for organisations with ten or more employees



Employers can choose from a mix of health benefits for their workforce and create their own fully branded, company-sponsored Health Cash Plan



Designed for individuals, this plan provides wide-ranging cover and great health benefits from just £7.35 per month


Flex Extra

Easily slots into flexible benefits platforms. Provided on a company sponsored or voluntary basis, this plan offers five levels of cover



Choice of six levels of cover. Provided on a voluntary basis with employees paying via payroll deduction