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What are the minimum and maximum number of employees that can be covered?

We can cover organisations with as few as 3 employees. There’s no maximum limit to the number of employees we can cover.

We provide a wide range of employer paid and employee paid voluntary health cash plans to meet your needs and budget. Our products range from Elements that’s just for SMEs to our Tailored health cash plan that can provide companies with 75 or more employees with a bespoke solution and a unique mix of health benefits.

What is the difference between an employer paid and an employee paid health cash plan?

  • Employer paid – your organisation pays for a chosen level of cover for your employees to enhance your benefits package and support your duty of care. Your employees will usually have the option to increase their cover if they want to.
  • Employee paid – this is where you add a voluntary health cash plan to your benefits package and your employees would volunteer to join the scheme and pay for their cover themselves, usually by payroll deductions.

How will we help you promote your health cash plan?

Employee visits – our dedicated nationwide sales team can go out and meet with your employees at your different locations. They will make presentations, provide advice and make sure your employees know how to make the most of their health cash plan.

Marketing support – to help you promote your health cash plan and maximise membership, we can also provide you with a variety of marketing materials, including:

  • Posters and information sheets for staff notice boards
  • Editorial pieces for company intranets
  • Articles for newsletters and employee magazines
  • Promotional e-flyers
  • Workplace presentations
  • Promotional messages on payslips

Can employees choose to cover their partners too?

Most of our membership plans will enable your employees to pay to add their partner, so they can also enjoy peace of mind and the many health benefits Health Shield offers.

It’s quick and simple to fill out the application form and add a partner. All of the instructions, prices, restrictions and payment methods are outlined in the membership plan we provide every employee.

Will our employees be able to cover their children?

Yes. Depending on your health cash plan, dependent children are covered up to the ages of 18, 21 or 24 if they are in full-time education.

All your employees have to do is send us a completed application form. Alternatively they can contact our Customer Care team on 01270 588555 or fill in our Contact Form or visit the Members’ Area.

How do employees pay for an employee paid plan?

All payments are made by payroll deduction.

How do employees pay for voluntary increases on an employer paid health cash plan?

If your employees want to pay to increase their cover or to add their partner, you can choose whether their employee contributions should be paid via Direct Debit or payroll deduction.

How do employees make a claim?

All of your employees will receive a welcome pack that has a claim form, so they can submit a claim. They can also download claim forms from our website or make an online claim which is the fastest and easiest way to receive money back for valid receipt based claims.

Are there any age restrictions?

Your employees must be aged between 16 and 64 (in some cases 69) when they apply to join a Health Shield health cash plan or change their level of cover.

How should we let Health Shield know whenever an employee joins or leaves our organisation?

You can add or remove members from your health cash plan by simply sending us a list of your starters and leavers. You can download our membership listing template here.

How do employees claim PMI excess?

Once they have received a letter from your PMI provider advising them how much they need to pay, they simply have to call our friendly team on 01270 588555 and we’ll send one out to them. Then all they have to do is fill out all of the relevant sections and arrange for the payment to be made in one of the following ways:

  • Excess paid directly to PMI provider – in the section ‘Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Excess Fees’ they just need to tick the appropriate boxes and put the details of who the cheque needs to be payable to and the address it needs to be sent to, as provided by your PMI provider.
  • Excess paid directly to employee – in the section ‘Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Excess Fees’ they need to state that they want the payment making to them and let us know which bank account they would like their claim paid into in the ‘Benefit Payment Direct to your Bank Account’ section. 

How can our employees upgrade their level of cover?

All they have to do is complete an application form and send it back to us. Depending on your health cash plan, employee contributions can either be taken via Direct Debit or payroll deduction.

Who should my employees contact if they have a question about our health cash plan?

They should call our friendly Customer Care team on 01270 588555 (Mon-Fri 8.00am-6.00pm). Alternatively they can use our Contact Form and we’ll get back in touch with them as soon as we can to help them with their query.

How do employees access the Members’ Area?

They can access this in our section for members. If they’re using it for the first time, they will need to register and set up a password.

They can then log into the Members’ Area using their member number and password. Here, they can download their membership plan, view and amend their personal details, download relevant forms and access PERKS, our online rewards portal that has hundreds of exclusive member offers.

Where can employees get a claim form?

They will find one in their welcome pack. They can also request a form by calling our friendly team on 01270 588555 or filling in the Contact Form. They can also download our claim form or submit an online claim here.

What health cash plans do we offer?

We offer a range of employer and employee paid health cash plans to meet your needs. Our Tailored health cash plan enables us to create a bespoke plan just for you. Flex is designed to slot into existing flexible benefits platforms. Essentials is ideal for companies with 10 or more employees while Elements is designed for SMEs with 3 or more employees. Our Corporate plan is ideal for organisations looking for a health cash plan that is both cost neutral and employee funded.

How quickly do we settle claims?

We’re proud of our reputation for quickly processing claims. 99% of claims were processed within two working days of receiving the claim in 2018.

Do employees need a medical examination?

No. Your employees don’t need a medical or a GP referral. All of our membership application forms include a simple declaration of good health. If someone has an existing condition (excluding dental and optical conditions) we’ll send them a confidential Health Declaration Form to their home address for them to complete. It’s as simple as that. If you have a company sponsored Tailored health cash plan, you can even pay a higher premium to waive pre-existing conditions.

How can Health Shield afford to refund 100% of claims?

We’re a non-profit making Friendly Society. This means we don’t have shareholders and we don’t pay dividends. So, all of the money we receive from our health cash plans is used and reinvested for the benefit of our members.

What is the difference between health insurance and a health cash plan?

A health cash plan is designed to help cover the costs of everyday healthcare needs of employees. Private medical insurance or health insurance provides cover for the diagnosis and private treatment of a range of illnesses.

Will our existing dental insurance or dental plan fit with a Health Shield health cash plan?

As long as the dental benefit is part of your chosen scheme, our health cash plans can work side-by-side with your dental plan package, partially or fully covering premiums and joining fees for the practice’s dental plan. Dental insurance on the other hand is not covered by our dental benefit.