What is a Health Cash Plan

A Health Cash Plan explained

A health cash plan is a simple and affordable way for you to look after the health and wellbeing of all your employees. Your employees could claim cashback on their dental check-ups, contact lenses, physiotherapy, hospital stays and much more.

Quick and easy to get up and running, our health cash plans have a range of benefits that can provide preventative care. These benefits include a 24/7 counselling and support helpline, physiotherapy and GP Anytime where employees can talk to a doctor any time of the day without taking time off from work.

As well as providing peace of mind, 99% of claims were processed within two working days. We also cover the children of our members for FREE.

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To help you stretch your budget to cover more of your employees, we offer a variety of health cash plans to meet the different needs of organisations large and small. You can choose a company paid scheme or you can select a voluntary cost-neutral plan where employees pay for their cover through payroll. We can also create a bespoke Tailored health cash plan that’s unique to your organisation. Whatever health cash plan is right for your organisation, you decide on the level of cover.

It’s fast and simple for your employees to join a health cash plan – they don’t need a medical or GP referral. They can also pay to cover their partner if they want to.


How do health cash plans work?

We’ve made the whole process of setting up and using a health cash plan very straight forward, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of using your plan just by following a few simple steps.

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Using a health cash plan couldn’t be easier

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There are 2 simple ways to claim


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2Paper based

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PMI v Health Cash Plan

Here is a quick guide to the differences between health cash plans and Private Medical Insurance (PMI). As well as helping to create happier and more productive workforces, our health cash plans can work side-by-side with a PMI scheme, partially or fully covering PMI excess payments.*

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PMI v Health Cash Plans PMI Health Cash Plans
Purpose To provide cover for the private diagnosis and treatment of a range of illnesses. To provide cover for the costs of everyday healthcare needs and preventative treatments.
What is covered? Specific illnesses and serious conditions usually involving a hospital stay/surgery. Everyday healthcare treatments from physiotherapy to dental and optical care.
Costs A more comprehensive insurance package that is heavily reliant on cost. Provides cashback on a range of treatments from only £1.22 per week based on our Corporate plan. Health cash plans remain around 10% of the price of PMI premiums.**
Age & health Is a factor when calculating PMI premiums. Isn’t a contributing factor when deciding premiums.
Accessing treatment In some cases pre-authorisation is required by the PMI provider before treatment can start. You don’t need a GP referral before receiving treatment, so you can be seen straightaway.
Payments Usually refunded directly to the practitioner. Claims will be paid straight into your account.

*If the Specialist Consultation benefit is part of your chosen scheme. Please check your membership plan for full details of your available benefits.

**Source: Mintel Health Cash Plans – UK, October 2014 Report