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How do I find out who my local Business Development Manager is?

We have a nationwide team of dedicated Business Development Managers (BDMs) who will be the first point of contact for all of your queries. From going along with you to client meetings to providing fast and efficient quotes, your BDM will go the extra mile to help you provide the best solutions for your clients. Just go to our area map to find your local BDM and see their contact details.

What are the minimum and maximum number of employees that can be covered by a Health Shield health cash plan?

We can cover organisations with just 3 employees. There’s no maximum limit to the number of employees we can cover.

We offer the largest portfolio of employer and employee paid health cash plans in the UK market to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our products range from Elements that’s just for SMEs to our Tailored health cash plan that can provide companies with 50 or more employees with a bespoke solution and a unique mix of health benefits.

How will we help your clients promote their health cash plan?

Marketing support – to help them promote their health cash plans and maximise uptake, we can provide your clients with a variety of marketing materials, including:

  • Posters and information sheets for staff notice boards
  • Editorial pieces for company intranets
  • Articles for newsletters and employee magazines
  • Promotional e-flyers
  • Promotional messages on payslips

Client visits – our dedicated nationwide sales team goes out to meet the teams of large companies and those with employee paid schemes. They visit client sites, make presentations to their employees and provide friendly advice.

When will my clients’ employees receive their welcome pack?

Health Shield welcome packs contain all of the information new and renewing members need to make a claim, change their level of cover and see what is available to them as part of their membership plan.

We send out welcome packs as soon as the scheme is confirmed and we’ve all the relevant information and employee data. We can email or post the welcome packs – whatever your clients prefer.  

Implementing Your Client’s Health Cash Plan

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When can I expect renewal information for existing schemes?

This can vary, but for most of our company paid schemes, we’ll email you at least 6 weeks before your client’s scheme is due to renew, letting you know all of the relevant information. This gives us plenty of time to receive confirmation back and send out renewal packs to members.

Tailored schemes

These automatically renew, except when they are under review. If this is the case, your Retention Officer will get in touch with you around 3 months before the renewal date to discuss any changes.

Flex schemes

Your Business Development Manager will let you know about the new scheme for the benefits platform around 2 to 3 months before the renewal date.

If you’ve got any questions about your clients’ schemes, please don’t hesitate to contact your Business Development Manager.

When should I consider a Tailored Health Cash Plan quote?

If your client has over 50 employees and is looking for a bespoke solution to meet the needs of their workforce – our Tailored health cash plan is the ideal solution.   

Using our innovative actuarial software, we can provide real-time quotes. So, you and your client can quickly create a bespoke plan, selecting the benefits, prices and benefit allowances that meet your client’s needs and budget.

We can also dual-brand scheme materials with your client’s name and logo.

If my client already has a health cash plan with another provider – what information do I need to provide for a quote?

If your client is looking to change their health cash plan provider, we’ll need some information about their existing scheme. This will help us get the ball rolling with a competitive quote that meets and hopefully exceeds their expectations.

Simply get in touch with your Business Development Manager and provide them with the renewal date, current plan literature and information about your client’s claims and employees. They will then work with you to quickly create quotes to present to your client.

What is the difference between an employer paid and employee paid health cash plan?

  • Employer paid – your client pays for a chosen level of cover for their employees. Usually employees can choose to voluntarily increase their level of cover beyond the company paid level.
  • Employee paid – your client can add a voluntary health cash plan to their benefits package. This is where employees volunteer to join the scheme and pay for their cover themselves, usually by payroll deductions.

How do my clients’ employees make a claim?

Every employee covered by a Health Shield health cash plan will receive a welcome pack that includes a claim form so they can submit a claim. Claim forms can also be downloaded for postal claims

Alternatively, employees can claim online,  which is an easier and faster way to receive money back for valid receipt based claims. For more details, view our infographic on how to make a claim

Using a health cash plan couldn’t be easier

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There are 2 simple ways to claim


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2Paper based

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Can my clients’ employees claim PMI excess payments?

Health Shield members may be able to claim back PMI excess charges if their plan includes the specialist consultation benefit.  The process is as follows:

Once your client’s employee has received a letter from their PMI provider advising them how much they need to pay, they simply have to download a claim form or call our friendly team on 01270 588555 and we’ll send one out to them.

Then all they have to do is fill out all of the relevant sections and arrange for the payment to be made in one of the following ways:

  • Excess paid directly to PMI provider – in the section ‘Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Excess Fees’ they just need to tick the appropriate boxes and put the details of who the cheque needs to be payable to and the address it needs to be sent to, as provided by your PMI provider.
  • Excess paid directly to employee – in the section ‘Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Excess Fees’ they need to state that they want the payment making to them and let us know which bank account they would like their claim paid into in the ‘Benefit Payment Direct to your Bank Account’ section. 

Do Health Shield health cash plans have any age restrictions?

Employees must be aged between 16 and 69 (or 64 for our Corporate scheme) when they apply to join a Health Shield health cash plan, or apply to change their level of cover.

Can my clients’ employees cover their partners and/or children?

Most of our health cash plans allow an employee to add their partner to their membership, so they can also take advantage of our many health benefits. Dependent children are covered for free on all of our plans. Depending on the scheme, children are covered up to the age of 18, 21 or 24 if in full-time education.

To add their partner or dependent children to their membership plan, employees will usually have to complete an application form and send it back to us. Alternatively they can call our Customer Care team on 01270 588555, fill in our Contact Form or visit the Members’ Area 

Employees can find full instructions and details about prices, methods of payment and any restrictions in their welcome pack.

How should my clients let Health Shield know when an employee joins or leaves their organisation?

Your clients can add or remove members from their scheme by simply sending us a list of their starters and leavers. They can download the membership listing template in Sales Tools.