Keep Active with the Kids this Summer

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For obvious reasons, people generally tend to find it easier to keep fit during the summer months. Lighter nights and better weather make it much easier for people to get outside and walk with the family, and provides more of an incentive to visit the gym. With the summer holidays approaching, many also use this time of year to take annual leave with the children family, whilst remaining healthy and active.

There are plenty of tips out there that can help, but Health Shield has provided you with a handy ‘go-to’ guide to help. Why not get your employees to actively involve their children in the planning too, they can include some of their favourite things to encourage them to take part. Don’t forget Health Shield provide access to PERKS too – a reward website giving you access to discounted family days out.

A great way for children to learn how to be more active and healthy is to have active and healthy parents, so use this time to bring things to their attention and start their healthy lifestyle now. As an added benefit, being healthy throughout their lives can also impact the effect of certain illnesses as they get older including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions.

If it is a rainy day – no problem, use imaginations or see what PERKS has to offer! It is proven that children who are active are more likely to build bone and muscle and take this into later life with a higher self-esteem. Are you and your employees aware that children should participate in 60 minutes of activity each day? It is important to make time each week for activity and it soon becomes part of the routine and something to look forward to all year round. Just remember to keep it light hearted and not a competition, and take your fluids and healthy snacks along the way.

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  • Make smoothies – a fun way of ensuring your employees and their children have all the nutrients they require from ingredients like vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and almond milk. Advise your employees to let the kids help too; it’ll make it much more fun for them which means they are likely to want to do it again.
  • Encourage your employees to make a fitness circuit in the garden that they and their children will enjoy. Include any safe equipment you may have lying around for jumping, running, balance etc…even the hula hoop.
  • Take a day trip – it doesn’t always have to cost money to keep active, which will be a big concern for your employees, especially if they have a big family. Simply taking the children to a different location to explore a nature walk and trying somewhere new will be good for them, as well as your employees.
  • Mix it up with a ‘penny hike’. You’ll never walk the same route twice – heads for left, tails for right. Or take your bikes and see where you’ll end up.
  • Create a treasure hunt and incorporate some fun exercises to get new clues!
  • Grow your own garden – this task has a dual benefit for your employees. It gets them outside and enjoying a light task whilst teaching the children about how fruit and vegetables grow and what you can do with them afterwards. Of course they will also find it fun to dig in the dirt!
  • Go swimming – another exercise that’s good for everyone and great fun too even as a family.
  • Become a budding artist – get some outside fresh air whilst allowing your employees and their family to express themselves with art. A fun task that could last hours, use paint, chalks, coloured pencils whatever you have at home. Taking it outside also avoids the worry of where that paint will go and tidying up afterwards.
  • Dance party! It’s not as hectic as it sounds, simply turn on the radio, or a favourite cd and dance. Burn those calories whilst having fun with the kids!
  • Bake and take a picnic out. Your employees can show their children the fun of baking and the bonding experience (never mind the mess!) and then take it out on a picnic later to enjoy what they made. Make it a healthy picnic and enjoy the park whilst you’re there.
  • Sign up to a family 5k – there are so many charity runs available to everyone now and some accept participation from young children. What better way to encourage the children to run and keep fit then doing it with their parents. Sign up to one that will be fun for them too for that added extra – bubbles and paint are available in some areas.

A Health Shield health cash plan will help you look after your employee health and wellbeing and that of their families providing access to benefits that both prevent and cure illnesses and minor niggles. Health Shield can also provide access to a reward website with discounts on family days out and family holidays to spend some quality time with the children this summer.