How to Claim

Claiming cashback is quick and easy with most valid claims being processed within 2 working days.

What information will I need?

However you choose to make your claim, you’ll need your membership number, bank details and either a valid receipt or your form stamped by a hospital. You’ll also need to enter your email address if you want us to send your claim payment notification by email.

What’s the difference between receipt and hospital claims?

For most everyday health treatments like dental check-ups and eye tests, you’ll receive a receipt for your payment, which you can use to claim back the costs. For hospital claims however, you’ll need to have your form stamped by the hospital to make a claim.

Receipt Requirements

View our receipt requirements here


To take advantage of our quick, easy and secure online service for receipt based claims, you will need to be registered on our members’ area. If you haven’t already done so, why not register now, it only takes a few minutes to complete.

If you are already registered on our members’ area simply log on and visit the ‘make a claim’ area.

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Print off and fill out the claim form. Then attach your receipt or get it stamped at the hospital before posting to Health Shield at the address on the form. 

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Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Excess

Once you’ve received a statement from your PMI provider advising you how much you need to pay, you can then make your claim. A claim for an excess on a PMI policy can be paid back directly to you or directly to the PMI provider. Simply fill out all of the relevant sections and arrange for payment to be made in one of the following ways:

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  • Excess paid directly to you – can be claimed online or via post. Log in to our members’ area to submit your claim online or download a claim form here and send it through the post. If you would like a claim form to be sent out to you, call our friendly team on 01270 588555.
  • Excess paid directly to your PMI provider – the claim will need to be sent via post to do so you can either download a claim form or call our friendly team on 01270 588555 and we’ll send one out to you. In section 4 of the claim form, marked ‘Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Excess Fees’ please enter the details, where indicated, of who the cheque needs to be payable to and the address it needs to be sent to, as provided by your PMI provider.

Download our guide for more information here.