Health Shield Launches Affordable and Accessible Workplace Health Screening

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Award-winning Health Cash Plan Provider Health Shield is now offering valuable health screening services to the entire workforce, as opposed to just senior management: the traditional recipients of such benefits.

Health Shield now offers health screening modules on its Tailored company-paid Health Cash Plan products, which can be delivered within the workplace or at a suitable location nearby.  The move comes in addition to offering health screening as a standalone product and includes benefits such as:

  • Tailored diet and lifestyle advice.
  • Immediate test results.
  • Personalised follow-up reports.
  • Telephone advice post screening to allow the individual to ask any further questions and ensure they receive the preventative and diagnostic care they need.
  • A report for the individual’s GP, if a follow-up is advised, with full technical data and reason for referral.

The services are provided by Health Shield Wellbeing Services previously known as Prevent plc: the specialist workplace health screening provider acquired by the Health Cash Plan provider earlier this year.

Health Shield Wellbeing is managed and staffed by experienced health professionals who have been managing occupational health strategies for companies and local government authorities for many years.

Carl Laidler, Director of Wellbeing Services at Health Shield Wellbeing, comments: “Although health screens are still considered out of reach for most, times are changing. We use hi-tech screening machinery the size of a mobile phone and can deliver ‘point of test’ results instead of having to send samples to a lab. So it’s now possible for employees to gain immediate screening results from one 20-minute check in the workplace. This includes personalised advice on reducing risk factors – for example, in relation to conditions known to be associated with lifestyle factors.”

The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) reports in its latest Absence Management survey [1] that conditions related to lifestyle factors represent the top causes of long-term employee absence. Stress features at the top of the list, according to 29% of employer respondents, followed by acute medical conditions (i.e. stroke, heart attack and cancer) at 23% and mental ill-health at 13%.

Laidler adds: “Health screening is already recognised by some employers as a useful benefit to help promote employee awareness of health and wellbeing. But considering only just under a third (29%) of respondents to the CIPD survey responded to this effect – 9% of whom also stating that access to health screening was dependent on grade / seniority – clearly there is room for more affordable and accessible screening that is open to the whole workforce.”

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Notes to editors

[1] Absence Management 2016, CIPD (Nov 2016)


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