The Health Shield Impact at Rightmove

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The British property obsession has made Rightmove one of the UK’s top ten busiest websites, alongside brands like Google and Amazon. We are proud to be the UK’s number one property website, and our achievements are not just the result of our teams working incredibly hard; they’re also the result of employing passionate people. People are a company’s most valuable asset. Everyone who works at Rightmove is critical to our success and growth, as we depend on their skills and commitment to achieve our objectives. So it’s important that a company looks after its people.

The benefits we offer to employees are crucial. Rightmovers, as we call ourselves, are made aware of their benefits through our induction process. Alongside a pension scheme and a sharesave scheme, we offer staff private healthcare including a health cash plan.

We’ve had a cash plan in place with Health Shield for one year, and introduced it to complement our private medical insurance scheme. We chose a tailored plan which specifically caters for all our needs. One of the overarching benefits is that it enables our employees to access medical treatment without the need to make an appointment to see their GP, which makes life a lot easier for them.

A health cash plan is a cost-effective way for businesses to look after the health and wellbeing of employees. Staff can claim cashback on dental check-ups, eye tests, contact lenses and glasses; physiotherapy and specialist consultations. Other benefits include a 24/7 counselling and support helpline, and a Virtual GP Surgery, where employees can talk to a doctor any time of the day without taking time off from work. Our employees can choose the benefits they want to access and claim back the cost up to the set limits. It gives staff the freedom to choose who provides their day-to-day healthcare, and the benefits are also extended to their family members.

Health Shield states that the average cost of absence per employee is £609 a year*and preventative health benefits like cash plans can save businesses money in the long-term, with a cash plan helping to improve staff wellbeing, motivation and morale.

My experience is that a cash plan is a great benefit to offer. It’s something that makes a difference to people’s everyday life, and if all the benefits are used it can mean a big cost saving for your employees against the normal cost of various health treatments. We’ve had very positive feedback from our staff since implementing the plan. The people at Rightmove who are in the scheme do use all the benefits available, and often think it seems too good to be true.

I’d recommend businesses consider a cash plan when looking at benefits to offer staff. My tip would be to check the background of the provider and ensure there are no caveats around the claims that can be made.

It’s important to us to know what our employees think of what it’s like to work at Rightmove, so we run an annual ‘Have your Say’ survey. An overwhelming 91% of respondents said Rightmove is a great place to work, which is testament of the culture we have developed over the years – people want to stay long-term. In 2015 we celebrated 38 people being at Rightmove for 10 years or more. Everyone who reaches this milestone has a personalised gnome created for them! There are now over 400 employees at Rightmove, with the first ever Rightmove employee still working here today.

Zoe Casey, HR Manager, Rightmove.

*CIPD Absence Management Survey Report 2014