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Active Care plus

Health Shield offer a variety of HR and occupational support services. These innovative plans and services can help employees to return to work earlier and assist with stress and absence management.

Active Care with Occupational Health Helpline

  • Available with all of our company paid health cash plans and as an option on our Tailored schemes.
  • Exclusive to Health Shield, this comprehensive stress prevention programme provides professional support for employees with stress from day one of their absence.
  • Proactively supports and engages with employees, providing early intervention to help them return to work as soon as possible.
  • Provides HR teams with advice and support on issues such as fit notes, health surveillance and return to work plans and interviews.

Occupational Health Helpline

Providing professional support for employees with stress from day one

Supporting employees with stress and helping them to return to work is a real challenge for all kinds of organisations. For this reason we’ve launched a comprehensive stress prevention programme that makes a real difference from the very first day of an employee’s absence.

Focusing purely on stress related absence, Active Care provides employees with positive and proactive support from a team of health professionals to help them return to work earlier. Our plan also safeguards the interests of employers, increases protection from tribunals and provides managers and HR teams with specialist OH helpline support across a range of issues.

Designed to help employers with their duty of care, our innovative new plan can either be taken out as a standalone product or as an add-on to an existing health cash plan.

What are the key benefits?

  • Proactively supports and engages with employees who are absent with stress
  • Professional OH support from day one of absence
  • Early intervention helps employees to return to work as soon as possible

How does it work?

  • An employer receives a fit note when an employee goes off work with stress
  • On day one, a qualified OH Nurse contacts the employee and through a telephone or webcam consultation gains an understanding of their needs, recommends treatments and provides support, guidance and information
  • The clinical team provides a written report and helps HR to make the return to work as smooth as possible
  • In 94.7% of Health Assured cases, employees have gone back to work within 14 days

Occupational Health helpline for HR

HR teams receive specialist freephone advice and support with such issues as:

  • Fit notes
  • Health surveillance
  • Managing attendance
  • RIDDOR incidents
  • Return to work plans & interview

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