Introducing Breeze.

It’s wellbeing – all joined up.

Digital Health Platform

Breeze puts the wellbeing of every individual employee at the heart of your business culture. It provides businesses with all the management information, health benefits and consultancy support needed to keep your staff working at peak performance.

It means your employees always have their benefits close to hand and you no longer have the hassle of researching and managing numerous products from different providers.

  • Single interface accessible from any digital device
  • Self-service appointment booking
  • User can track and monitor their personal wellbeing
  • Packed with tips, articles, and guides
  • Easy to set up, manage and roll out

The benefits of Breeze.

Breeze brings value to employee wellbeing. For many businesses, wellbeing is intangible and measuring employees’ health, happiness and prosperity is difficult. So, this makes it harder to influence. That is, until now.

Breeze starts by putting the health of your employees first and continues to support each individual on their wellbeing journey. It shows employers the wellbeing state of their business and guided by ongoing support, helps to refine wellbeing strategy.

See the benefits of Breeze


GP Anytime

A direct line to a doctor via phone or video chat, and prescriptions sent directly to your employee's work or
home address.

On-Demand Physio

Provides consultations with a qualified physiotherapist via phone or video chat, together with a personal
diagnosis and recovery plan.

Mental wellbeing App

Access to Thrive, the NHS-approved* mental wellbeing app.

24/7 Counselling and Support

Access to up to eight face-to-face (or via video) sessions as well as the support helpline. For when your employees need to talk, there’s a Counsellor ready to listen.

Online Health Assessments

Online health and lifestyle assessments that provide clear recommendations supported by nutrition diaries,
stress and fitness programmes plus video guides.

Home Assistance

Personal assistance with household chores, local shopping and mobility for employees who need a helping
hand at home after a stay in hospital.


Our rewards scheme offers over 4,000 deals and discounts from the brands your employees know and love.
It’s a great way of helping their salaries go further.

*The app meets NHS quality standards for clinical effectiveness, safety, usability and accessibility and has a supportive evidence base.

Breeze in action.

1. Assessing the wellbeing of employees
Employees complete a financial, lifestyle and mental wellbeing assessment to understand the state of their wellbeing and what they need to improve.

2. Creating clear pathways to improved wellbeing
Based on employees’ interests and assessment results, Breeze recommends a variety of services and personalised content to guide them through their wellbeing journey.
3. Driving ongoing engagement
Employees can complete their assessments after a few months to track progress. There’s a world of regularly updated content within Breeze that's tailored to their interests, lifestyle, and health priorities.

4. Building a company-wide view
Employers have a dashboard that displays anonymised management information needed to understand the health priorities of your staff and empowers you to drive engagement.

5. Proving ongoing strategic guidance
Our wellbeing team are on hand to help interpret the insights Breeze gives you and can recommend events, activities and content to evaluate changes in business performance.

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