Highly experienced and down to earth.

Does it add value for our customers? That's the question that guides every decision made by our Board.

With customers at the heart of what we do, they are always focused on our mission to 'help people lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

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    Geoff Spencer, Interim CEO.

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  • Julie Hansen Photo 2

    Julie Hansen, Chair

    Having enjoyed a career in financial services for over 20 years – the last 10 being within the mutual sector – my roles have spanned Sales, Distribution and Business Development.

    As a supporter of mutuality, I’m delighted to be a part of the Health Shield team that places its customers at the forefront of its decisions. As Senior Independent Director, this role enables me to ensure the voice of the customer continues to be heard, both on day-to-day matters, and particularly when considering future developments. I’m keen to ensure that the Health Shield customers continue to receive the highest standard of service and the best products possible.

  • David Maddison

    David Maddison, Senior Independent Director.

    I was incredibly proud to become Chairman in September 2019, after serving as a member of the Board since 2012. I’m passionate about supporting and developing a young executive team as we move into the wider wellbeing space.

    Throughout my time in the industry, I’ve served as a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute, an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and Managing Director and Deputy CEO of RPMI, the executive arm of the Railways Pension Trustee Company.

    I understand and look forward to the challenges ahead and I’m glad to be a part of Health Shield’s proud past and exciting future.

  • Alan Phizacklea

    Alan Phizacklea, Non-Executive Director.

    I first became involved with Health Shield in the mid 1970’s and have seen the business grow from a small friendly society with a customer base some 15 years ago of just 35,000, to the society it is today with over 340,000 customers.

    With a background in finance, I managed the Health Shield portfolio for over 20 years before being appointed to the Board in 1998.

    Health Shield has a bright future in the mutual sector; it’s the only health cash plan provider showing sizeable organic growth and is innovative and forward-looking. I’m proud to have been involved in this growth and look forward to the continued success of the Society.

  • Alison Alden

    Alison Alden, Non-Executive Director.

    With a background in financial services, I have a real need to ask not 'can we?' but 'should we?' before taking a strategic decision.

    It’s an exciting time for Health Shield, as the changes in our market, our customer base and ultimately our lifestyles mean that we have the potential to be at the forefront of creating and delivering valuable products that people want.

    I’m proud to work with Health Shield because of the people. Everyone I’ve met wants to do well – for customers and the business – and that's not as common as it sounds.

  • Paul Austin

    Paul Austin, Non-Executive Director.

    My entire career has been within the financial services sector in both professional accountancy practice and industry. After 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, I moved into the investment management industry and from 2009 I have been involved in the mutual insurance sector.

    Whilst I am a Chartered Accountant and do look closely at the numbers, I am very interested in how businesses work and the benefits of working towards clear shared goals.

    Having worked for a number of different organisations, I believe that Mutuals are ideally placed to provide benefits to their members. Being focused on customers is the key to success and this involves innovation and the thoughtful use of technology. Health Shield is developing exciting products and systems to invest in the future and build its business – something I’m looking forward to being a part of.

  • Robin Willison

    Robin Willison, Non-Executive Director.

    I’m delighted to join the Board of Health Shield at a time when health and wellbeing is becoming such an important part of the national dialogue.

    I bring a broad knowledge of financial services to the Society including over 15 years in the mutual sector at Senior Executive and Board level. Perhaps more importantly, I’ve developed a sharp focus on serving the needs of customers rooted in many years of practical experience; I firmly believe that the mutual model continues to provide unique opportunities to put people at the heart of everything we do.

    Outside of work, I’m kept busy by a large family of children and grandchildren and although having hung up my own boots a while ago, still enjoy regularly watching Crystal Palace with my son!

  • Stuart Photo

    Stuart Hayhurst, Executive Director.

    With 20 years’ experience in digital across the automotive and utilities sectors, delivering business wide transformations and embracing technology to enhance the customer experience whilst driving business efficiencies. I moved to the Health and Wellbeing industry in 2017, joining Health Shield as Director of IT, Operations & HR, to focus on a business wide digital transformation.

    Today, as Chief Operating Officer, being responsible for the continued transformation that’s focused on delivering our business goals and strategy, I continue to use my passion for customer excellence to drive growth and sustainability. In addition to providing strategic management for IT, Operations, Marketing and Product Development, I joined the Board as an Executive Board member in February 2020.

    Health Shield is committed to delivering a programme of change to meet the evolving healthcare marketplace by ensuring each activity adds value to the customer experience and technology is leveraged to support this. It’s an exciting time.