Recharging Your Team’s Health For 2018

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We all feel the pinch after Christmas (and not just from our favourite pair of jeans following a month of gorging on mince pies!) and it’s common for people to cast the net to find out where else they could go with their careers. While throwing money at staff will undoubtedly raise a few spirits, the reasons behind having a disengaged team often run deeper than pay scale gripes and it’s essential to retain talented staff in whom you’ve invested time and budget training.

So, it’s important to consider what you, as an employer, can do to keep morale and dedication high.

Fuelling the brain

Our brains are like an engine and they need fuelling properly if they are to perform to the best of their ability. A quick scan of your employees’ lunchtime choices will highlight a whole host of both taste buds and nutritional differences. For instance, there’ll be those who stick to a diet of lettuce leaves and not much else, while others will religiously go for a sandwich-and-crisp meal deal — and it’s likely that most will dine ‘al desko’.

Consider how you can give staff a gentle nudge towards shaking up their diet — whether it’s healthy snacks such as fruit and seeds to stop people reaching for a mid-afternoon sugar pick-me-up, or creating a mini canteen to encourage people to eat away from their screens. Little changes have the potential to make a big difference and giving employees tips on how to keep hunger pangs at bay can go a long way.

Reward and recognise

Around one in five employees say their manager doesn’t provide feedback or any form of recognition, according to a survey by the CIPD. Regardless of our ranking or level of seniority, we all appreciate — and need — a pat on the back from time to time, as recognition from peers can boost our confidence and make us feel valued.

Consider how you can introduce simple, easy-to-implement schemes, such as incentives to finish early on a Friday or perhaps a shopping voucher for going above and beyond usual daily duties.

Highlighting health

It’s fair to say that our fast-paced modern lives can mean our health and general wellbeing are pushed down our list of priorities, with just one in twelve people taking a strict approach to being healthy, according to research from Mintel.

Providing access to a regular health screen can not only help put employees’ minds at rest, but will also highlight that you’re a company that views its staff as people, not numbers. Health screens can take just half an hour out of the working day and are delivered by medical experts on site in the workplace, meaning employees can get a quick check and ask about any health concerns that may have been niggling away — without taking up too much time.

Get them moving!

It’s no secret that the benefits of exercise are endless, but squeezing it in to our daily lives can be tricky when trying to juggle work and family responsibilities. So, as an employer, think about ways you can make it easier for people to stay active: encourage people to get out of the office at lunchtime for a walk around the block, or book a team yoga session, activities like this can help staff get into a habit of exercising. This will naturally have a positive impact on their sleep patterns, mood and general fitness.

Turn off tech

Stepping away from our emails can be difficult as we’ve become a society that is ‘always on’ — after all, what’s the harm in a quick inbox check after dinner or taking a report home to finish off in front of the television? Unsurprisingly, two fifths of employees say they check their emails or work mobile outside of office hours, according to the CIPD.

Encourage employees to switch off and avoid emailing them outside of their usual working hours so that they’re not tempted to reply. Of course, there will always be exceptions when urgent actions are required, but by creating a culture in which staff can relax during their own time will result in them being more efficient and, hopefully, productive when they’re physically at work.


Want to chat more about health in the workplace? Get in touch to one of our experts about we could help recharge your workforce for 2018.