Supporting Good Health in Over 40’s

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The majority of people who live in the UK have dramatically increased their chances of becoming seriously ill later in life by the time they have reached age 40. A fact that has prompted Public Health England to begin a new campaign ‘One You’ to actively help you to make positive changes to their lifestyles.

Small changes now can reduce the risk of strokes, dementia, disability, cancers and many more illnesses that occur later in life. The ‘One You’ campaign offers support to get back to being a healthier you with various motivational tools. They even offer a quiz to see how you score with your current lifestyle and how you could look forward to leading a healthier retirement in the future.

We are not one to tell you how to live your life, but with Health Shield being a health cash plan provider, we want to ensure that you are as healthy as possible. After all, our mission is to help improve people’s lives by being even better tomorrow than we are today. Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible so this campaign fits perfectly with Health Shield’s objectives.

The national campaign is the first of its kind to target a specific age group after the news that more than two fifths of those aged 45–64 in England are living with an illness or disability. With life expectancy continually on the rise, looking after your health now is even more important than ever.

The NHS spends more than £11billion a year treating lifestyle related illnesses and more than 8 million adults smoke. Add to that three quarters of men and two thirds of women are overweight or obese, it puts the nation-wide picture in perspective.

In response to this, the NHS is offering a free health check that looks closely at your BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol to identify problems before any damage is caused. Spotting problems early gives you more time with your family and friends when you are ready to enter retirement.

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The ‘One You’ campaign urges you to consider how much you smoke, drink and exercise amongst other things. Remember it can all start with small steps – cut back before cutting out completely, and build up your exercise. You will be surprised by the many effects that not eating the right diet, not exercising enough and smoking and drinking too much can have on your health. They can all lead to complications including weight gain, cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

How do you eat healthier? The NHS suggests cutting out the sugar and salts from your diet and watch out for saturated fats. How do you exercise more? Take a stroll in the summer evenings and enjoy lighter nights. Cut down on your cigarettes and drinks too – if you don’t want to quit completely, perhaps limit to social events or swapping the habit for something less harmful.

Gradual small changes can make a big difference to you and your life, improving how you feel every day including helping you sleep better and reducing anxiety and stress.

Health Shield constantly takes the opportunity to promote healthy choices to their employees whether it’s a Fitbit scheme or involvement in charity sporting events; we know the difference that being healthy can make to an individual’s life. Public Health England wants to spread this same ethos nationwide.

If you are a Health Shield health cash plan member, you can also use your health and wellbeing benefit* to ensure you remain relaxed as well as providing cover for preventative care. You can also take advantage of the gym discounts available via our PERKS retail discount portals.

Health Shield also provides a unique individual health cash plan if you want to think about looking after your health as you prepare for your future. The Connect plan is available to anyone who wants to join and is aged 16-64.



*Please refer to your specific plan to ensure you are covered for the health and wellbeing benefit and also your maximum benefit amount.