Supporting Staff to Live Healthier Lives

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Our weeks rush by in a blur of busy work days and jam packed weekends. This often leaves us with little time to think about what we should be doing better and make positive health changes. Your employees are no different and will have little time to look after their own health and wellbeing in their day-to-day lives.

Supporting your employees to keep healthy is a great way to make them feel happy, motivated and more productive. But what is the best way to encourage them? You could provide them with a raft of health facts and information but this can often be easy to ignore as we know ourselves!

Offering staff a workplace health screen provides them with the time they need to put their health first. Health screens go beyond what is normally available through the NHS and check for a range of health issues which can easily detect problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure, early stages of prostate or bowel cancer and high stress levels.

As well as detecting new issues, there may be some employees who are aware they are at risk of certain problems but have not had time for or access to a test. Screening can ease their health worries and provide the peace of mind they need.

At Health Shield we are now offering full health screens specifically designed to encourage your employees to look after their own health and wellbeing, make positive changes to their lifestyle and take an active interest in all aspects of their health. They will also receive advice to help keep them healthier for longer and prevent further issues.

The effects of a health screen on employee health are huge and as they are your most valuable company asset, it makes sense to look after them. Not only will it allow them to feel valued and cared for by you, but it could also help long term with your employee health and wellbeing strategy and help with your absence management. Of course, it goes without saying that an early detection of a health problem could safe your employee’s life.

For more information on Health Shield screenings, you can speak to your local Business Development Manager.