Using Employee Engagement to Build Your Company’s Success

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A key message through many businesses in today’s society is that of employee engagement. It is becoming vital. Many managers and directors are now coming around to believing that a happy employee means higher motivation levels and better productivity and loyalty.

More often you will see industry related news articles surrounding absence management and employee benefits working together to improve employees’ health and wellbeing at work.

It has great importance to a company who is looking to be efficient and effective with their day-to-day running operations and to get the maximum out of their employees as much as possible. As a health cash plan provider, Health Shield offers that extra employee benefit for your company to assist in all your employee wellbeing goals and more.

Ensuring you have engaged employees means:

  • They are more customer focused and driven to achieve goals
  • They feel more creative and take less time off meaning improved absenteeism rates
  • They will feel proud and valued to work for you and do their best in their position

This is shown in research by IIP that suggests 54% of employees do not feel that their employer cares about their health and wellbeing. Don’t fall into this category and help to bring this statistic down.

The link between wellbeing and engagement can be a worthy circle. One drives the other in succession and aims to abolish the stress, long hours and disengagement that can arise. In fact it has become a key partnership — If you are looking to keep a productive workforce, engage with your employees.

Getting the right balance is crucial. If you have high engagement but low wellbeing you run the risk of an employee burnout. If it is the opposite way around, employees don’t feel connected with you as an employer despite the fact they may be satisfied.

At Health Shield, employee wellbeing benefits include bi-weekly free fruit deliveries and use of an onsite gym. Benefits like this have helped us to be included in the Sunday Times Top 100 Not-for-profit organisations to work for, for the last four consecutive years. You can do something similar. A Health Shield health cash plan allows you to offer benefits that think outside the box. For example, your employees can have access to a PERKS rewards website where they can get great deals on high street names which may include cashback on weekly shopping, discounted gifts or special offers on gym memberships and family days out. This allows your employee’s to feel valued outside of work as well as in the office. Those employees that feel they have health related benefits in their offering are more likely to feel like you care about them.

Drive engagement with a well-designed workplace environment and give your employees a voice that offers support. This will improve wellbeing and it can build individual, team and organisational performance.

If you want to make sure your employees remain engaged with you, rely on your communications. They are important in the cycle. Encouraging employees to use their benefits and reminding them that they are available adds to their engagement with you and ensures they feel the full benefit of what you are offering them. With Health Shield, we can help promote your Health Shield health cash plan by providing on-site presentations to employees, holding health and wellbeing days and providing additional marketing material. It will also allow you to keep in constant contact with your employees to ensure that the benefits appeal to everyone now and in the future which can aid the development of what you offer. This in turn can help with the retention and attraction of employees and ultimately business growth.

Certainly something to work towards for any business. If you would like to talk to someone about a Health Shield health cash plan and its benefits and how it can be beneficial for your company, visit our Employers page.