Your Eyes are Important

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Eyes are more important than people think and eyesight is often taken for granted. Daily use of a computer, tablet or smartphone causes more damage to eyes than you may realise. Good eye care is important to spot the signs of eye diseases as well as high blood pressure and diabetes. Your eyes can also give an optician a clear indicator of the overall condition of your health and wellbeing.

So how is it possible to achieve beautifully glowing eyes at home and help avoid these diseases?

It goes without saying that healthy eating and exercise is vital, for all health matters, but it does impact the eyes too. There are also some home remedies you can try out such as placing cucumbers over the eyes, drinking cold water and even sleep which can help your employees look after the general condition of their eyes.

Exercise isn’t just for the body and mind, there are eye exercises too! It might sound a little bizarre but just to keep blinking is a great exercise for the eyes, rotating the eye balls and even yoga can help to keep your eyes healthy. Keeping calm and relaxed is an ideal and free remedy that can also help their overall health and wellbeing!

Did you know there are specific foods that can be kind to the eyes? Foods that are rich in vitamin A are great for ensuring healthy vision, whilst vitamin K can help prevent dark circles and puffy eyes. So make sure to eat fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and eggs and drink milk to nourish those peepers.

Living in a digital age, people now spend a lot of their day either at their computer, smartphone, tablet or television so it is important to ensure your employees give their eyes a break. Excessive exposure to these can put the health of eyes at greater risk; if you’re an employer you mustn’t forget that you have a duty of care to look after your employees eyes under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 too.

Recent evidence, which was commissioned by Optegra Eye Hospital Group, found a 45% increase in technology related eye problems in the last five years. This can also come from the workplace. It’s this extensive stress on the eyes that can be easily prevented and/or limited. Regular breaks every 30–60 minutes make a difference, as does washing eyes with cold water (although this can be tricky at work!). To keep your eyes moisturised you can use eye drops, or close the eyes for five minutes to relax, but be careful where this method is practiced.

When your employees are at home, suggest putting an ice cube wrapped in a cloth on the eyes for five minutes and remove it – instantly refreshing on the eyes.

The best step that everyone can do is get enough sleep. Admittedly there are a lot of things that influence this but a lack of sleep is an unnecessary stress on eyes and can even cause eye problems including redness, dark circles, irritations and even wrinkles. It’s true what they say — get some beauty sleep!

Home remedies aside, it is still vitally important you keep up to date with any eye examinations. These eye tests are covered through your company, but if your employees are covered with Health Shield, don’t forget they can also pick up a stylish pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses. Prescription sunglasses are also covered should they need them. So there is no reason to avoid those appointments any longer with a Health Shield health cash plan.

Health Shield would like to remind you that a Health Shield health cash plan provides cashback on all the essential trips to the optician in order to look after yours and your employees’ eyes.