GP Anytime

Fast, 24/7 online booking service for virtual GP access.

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GP Anytime is a virtual healthcare service that offers round-the-clock access to caring general practitioners (GPs) via phone or video chat. This service allows people to effortlessly schedule appointments, receive accurate diagnoses and valuable advice. Plus, it provides private prescriptions, referrals, and fit notes for members.

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    No more waiting weeks for a GP appointment

    GP Anytime addresses the challenge of accessing timely medical care. With its 24/7 availability, it eliminates the need to wait for traditional GP appointments and offers a more convenient alternative by allowing users to consult with a doctor at any time, from anywhere.

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    Prescriptions delivered direct to door

    GP Anytime not only provides immediate access to GPs but also offers the flexibility of phone, video chat or text consultations. Additionally, the service includes home or office delivery of private prescriptions*, further simplifying the healthcare process for users.


    *Private Prescriptions may be charged differently to standard NHS charges.

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    Making it easy to speak to a doctor

    GP Anytime is ideal for people who value convenience and efficiency in their healthcare experience. This includes those of us who have busy schedules, prefer remote consultations, or need frequent access to GPs.

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    A simple, straightforward way to access healthcare, and support wellbeing

    GP Anytime provides our members with reliable, supportive and empathetic healthcare services. The platform ensures trustworthy medical advice by connecting members directly with GPs. Its round-the-clock availability offers constant support, and the convenience of home delivery of prescriptions.

What do organisations say about us?


“The services provided such as the EAP, Cash Plan and GP Anytime have received excellent feedback from our employees in terms of their efficiency, professionalism and expert guidance.
I would not hesitate in recommending Health Shield.”


- Kate, People Operations Manager at a nationwide accident management company

Additional benefits

Additional wellbeing services designed to support the health of our members. All these additional benefits can be easily accessed through Breeze, our wellbeing app via mobile or desktop devices.

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GP Anytime

24/7 access to a doctor via phone or video chat and prescriptions sent directly to your employee’s home or work address.
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24/7 mental health helpline offering support for stress, anxiety, bereavement, financial concerns and family issues.
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