Affordable fitness on the path to better health.

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MyGymDiscounts is a fitness benefit, designed to make maintaining a healthy lifestyle more affordable and accessible. It offers savings on gym memberships at over 3,600 locations across the UK, as well as discounts on a variety of digital fitness subscriptions.

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    Supporting fitness goals and wallets

    MyGymDiscounts helps reduce the cost of expensive gym memberships and digital fitness subscriptions. By delivering handy savings, it allows people to pursue their fitness goals with less of a financial strain, making health and wellness more achievable for everyone.

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    A wide range of participating gyms

    With MyGymDiscounts, members aren’t just saving money; they're opening up a world of fitness options. With discounts at major gym chains, low-cost operators, independent clubs, and popular digital fitness platforms, MyGymDiscounts offers wide-ranging appeal. It has something for everyone's preferences, location, and budget.

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    Helping people get their fitness journey off to a good start

    MyGymDiscounts is a way to support people who are keen on improving their fitness and overall health but may be deterred by high costs. Whether a gym enthusiast, a digital fitness devotee, or someone simply looking to start their fitness journey, MyGymDiscounts is designed with our members’ health and wallet in mind.

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    A simple, straightforward way to support health and fitness goals

    MyGymDiscounts offers a supportive solution that supports people to take control of their health and wellbeing. It demonstrates a commitment to supporting members’ health goals by reducing the financial barriers to fitness.

What do organisations say about us?


“The other benefits from the Employee Assistance Programme, MyWellness and Thrive App are really starting to make a difference. We see this as a journey with Health Shield over years to come to enable us to support our staff, who work hard every day caring and educating our children.”


- Simon, CEO, Forward Education Trust

Additional benefits

Additional wellbeing services designed to support the health of our members. All these additional benefits can be easily accessed through Breeze, our wellbeing app via mobile or desktop devices. 

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GP Anytime

24/7 access to a doctor via phone or video chat and prescriptions sent directly to your employee’s home or work address.
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Virtual Counselling

24/7 mental health helpline offering support for stress, anxiety, bereavement, financial concerns and family issues.
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Our rewards scheme offering hundreds of deals and discounts from the brands your employees know and love.
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A personalised skin cancer detection and skin health advisor
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And much more...