Employer Benefits

  • Variety of plans for all budgets – we’ve a large range of health cash plans to meet the different needs and budgets of your business.
  • Simple & affordable – our health cash plans can be quickly implemented and are a cost-effective way to cover more of your employees.
  • Saves money – the average cost of absence per employee is £609 a year and preventative health benefits can save your business money in the long term.
  • Employee wellbeing – over 41% of employees state that their job is bad for their health, so it’s a great way to look after the wellbeing of employees.
  • Reduced absence – nearly 45% of workers know someone who has quit their job from stress. Our health benefits can help to reduce absenteeism. Find out more
  • Improved morale & motivation – can improve employee engagement, make employees feel valued and help your clients attract, reward and retain talented people.
  • Supports duty of care – our health cash plans can help to reduce stress in the workplace while assisting with health & safety compliance.
  • PMI excess – our specialist consultation benefit covers the excess charges on Private Medical Insurance up to an employee’s chosen annual limit.
  • Occupational Health Support – some of our plans also offer occupational health support services that can help employers with a range of issues.


HR Support

Your team could also benefit from a variety of added value employer, HR and occupational support services. These innovative plans and services can help your employees to return to work earlier and assist you with stress management and absence management.

Active Care

  • Available with all of our company paid health cash plans and as an option on our Tailored schemes.
  • Exclusive to Health Shield, this comprehensive stress prevention programme provides professional support for employees with stress from day one of their absence.
  • Proactively supports and engages with employees, providing early intervention to help them return to work as soon as possible.

Business Care

  • Available with all of our company paid health cash plans and as an option on our Tailored schemes.
  • Provides the reassurance that your organisation is fully compliant with fast-changing legislation.
  • Includes a 24/7 counselling and support helpline and access to a team of experts.
  • Provides help and advice with a variety of employer issues such as employment law, health & safety, risk assessments, tax and VAT.

Health Shield’s Occupational Health Helpline is there to support businesses by offering informed help and advice on Occupational Health issues such as sickness absence, the return to work process, risk assessment support and much more. Helping managers to take a more proactive approach in managing health and wellbeing issues before they escalate.

Employee Benefits

  • Cashback – your employees can claim money back on a variety of therapies and check-ups including trips to the dentist, optician and physiotherapist.
  • Dental & optical – as well as dental check-ups and eye tests, our health cash plans cover benefits you might not expect like tooth-whitening, dental plan premiums, contact lens solutions and even laser-eye surgery.
  • Preventative care – we offer a variety of support services including GP Anytime, 24/7 counselling and support helpline and an online personal coaching tool.
  • Quality support – our dedicated team will go above and beyond to answer your queries and provide you with innovative new benefits and a great service to make your day.
  • Fast claims –we aim to process all valid claims within 2 working days. In 2018, we hit this target for 99% of the claims we processed.
  • Industry leading innovation – we’ve introduced a new online claims service that makes it faster and easier to receive money back for valid receipt based claims.
  • PERKS – our online rewards portal where our members can enjoy exclusive discounts, great deals and cashback on shopping, travel, restaurants and much more.
  • Children – are covered for FREE on all our plans.
  • Easy to join – employees don’t need a medical or GP referral.

Worksite Support/Implementing your plan

We’ve made our process as smooth and straightforward as possible, so our friendly team can get your health cash plan up and running in no time at all.

Implementing Your Health Cash Plan

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