Engage from only £29per employee.

A 15-minute health check that summarises the current status of your employees’ health and the changes they may need to make in achieving a healthier lifestyle

What's included


Provides employees with a clear picture of their current health.

If you opt for a Health Shield Engage health check, here’s what you and your employees can expect:

For employers:

  • Health and Wellbeing Consultants help design your programmes
  • 4 options enabling health checks to be tailored to individual needs
  • Mobile clinics set up on of offsite to minimise disruption
  • Automated employee communication and online booking
  • Anonymous company-wide reporting available for businesses ʌ
  • Follow up on business recommendations
  • Marketing toolkits to help engage your employees

ʌ Available when 15 or more employees attend their health check.

For employees:

  • Practitioners experienced in putting employees at ease
  • Our online portal enables employees to book their own appointments
  • Pre-check questionnaires to ensure efficient consultations
  • Latest non-invasive technology providing instant results
  • Each employee receives a personal health report and recommendations
  • Post health check, any employee requiring a GP referral is fully supported

Engage in more detail.

At just £29† per employee, here's what it includes:


Nutrition Review


Reviews food intake to ensure diet contains the right mix of nutrients

Lifestyle Review


Reviews exercise, sleep and stress triggers and makes recommendations

Mental Health Signposting


Valuable advice on where to find external support

Height, Weight and BMI


Measures the relationship between body weight and height

Body Fat%


Percentage of total body weight which is body fat

Visceral Fat test - Abdomen Fat


Helps identify type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers

Metabolic Rate


This is the number of calories the body needs to function effectively

Body Water Percentage Test


The total percentage of fluid in the body

Bone Mass Assessment - not Osteoporosis


Measures the percentage of bone mineral compared to body weight

Blood Pressure Test


for systolic (highest) and diastolic (lowest) blood pressure readings

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