Health Checks:
Enlighten from only £85† per employee.

A 30-minute check that assesses the physical and mental health of your employees to help them understand how to improve their overall wellbeing and mitigate any future risks to their health.

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Improving employees’ understanding of their personal health.

With an Enlighten Health Check you can expect:


For employers:

  • Health and Wellbeing Consultant designed programmes
  • Mobile clinics set up on-site to minimise disruption
  • Online booking and communication for employees
  • Anonymous company wide report available for businesses^

ʌ Available when 15 or more employees attend their health check.

For employees:

  • Experienced practitioners
  • Employees book online
  • Pre-check questionnaires
  • Latest non-invasive technology
  • A personal health report and recommendations
  • Fully supported GP referrals

Enlighten from only £85† per employee.


Lifestyle review (pre-check questionnaire)


 Reviews exercise, sleep and stress triggers and makes recommendations

Nutrition review (pre-check questionnaire)


Reviews food intake to ensure diet contains the right mix of nutrients.

Mental health signposting (pre-check questionnaire)


Valuable advice on where to find external support

Height, weight and BMI


Measures the relationship between body weight and height.

Body fat %


Percentage of your total body weight which is body fat.

Visceral fat test - abdomen fat


Identifies ‘active fat’ levels, a risk factor for type II diabetes and heart disease.

Metabolic rate


This is the number of calories your body needs to function effectively.

Body water percentage test


The total percentage of fluid in the body.

Bone mass assessment - not osteoporosis


Measures the percentage of bone mineral compared to body weight.

Total cholesterol test


The total sum of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol in blood.

Good Cholesterol Test


Measures the level of good cholesterol (HDL) - in blood.

Blood Glucose - Diabetes Test


A test that can indicate diabetes.

Blood pressure test


Test for systolic (highest) and diastolic (lowest) blood pressure readings.

 Leucocytes - Kidney Infection Test


Covers issues such as cystitis, urethritis and kidney infections.

Nitrite - Bacteria Infection Test


Identifies waste product that is common in urinary infections.

Ketones - Dietary Protein Balance Test


Ketones are often excreted when people have high protein diets (Ketosis).

Liver disease test


Identifies bilirubin in urine which is often an indication of liver disease.

 Protein - Kidney Disease Test
Blood in Urine - Kidney Disease Test


Blood and high levels of protein in urine can be indicators of kidney disease.

Lung Function - Respiratory Test


Low lung function can be indicative of respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD.



Looks at the consistency of the electrical current running through the heart.

Cardio fitness test


Assess the impact of exercise on the ECG and recovery rates of the heart.

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