We believe a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. We offer a range of preventative health products that help employers reduce sickness absence, improve employee wellbeing and look after the mental and physical health of their workforce. Our products can identify health problems at an early stage and encourage employees to take an active role in improving their lifestyles.

  • Health Cash

    Provide cashback for everyday health costs including dental, optical and physiotherapy, as well as access to wellness services such as a 24/7 Counselling and Support Helpline and GP Anytime.

  • Health Screening

    A range of workplace screens that review the health of employees and provide personalised results plus advice to help improve long-term wellbeing.

  • Occupational Health

    A range of Occupational Health products that identify health risks in the working environment and provide support to both employees and employers.

  • Employee Assistance

    Provides employees with a 24/7 Counselling & Support Helpline that offers expert advice on a wide range of issues and face-to-face sessions with trained counsellors.