Your Health Check FAQs

We've put together this handy guide to answer some of the common questions you might have about your upcoming health check.

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Booking your appointment


To book your appointment, simply follow the link in the email we sent you. Register and choose a suitable time. If your employer has arranged a different booking process, they'll let you know.


Confidentiality matters


Your health check is completely confidential. Results are securely stored on your personal portal and never shared with anyone, including your employer.


What tests are involved?


A comprehensive list of all the tests involved in your health check has been shared with your employer. No needles are required for our tests. We use safety lancets on the fingertip to take a tiny drop of blood for any blood tests.


Can I have a Health Check if I'm pregnant?


Yes, however, this will be different from a regular check for your safety. We won't be able to conduct some of the tests or advise on certain results. Test results such as weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol are all influenced by pregnancy. This means we aren't best placed to advise on whether these results are healthy or not. We recommend discussing these results with your midwife or GP.


Preparing for your Health Check


Upon booking, fill out a pre-screening questionnaire. This helps our practitioner understand your lifestyle habits and make any recommendations. Depending on your health check type, preparation varies:


  • Engage (15-minute check): No fasting required. Stay hydrated and remove shoes and socks during the check.
  • Inspire (20-minute check): Fast for four hours prior unless you're pregnant or have conditions like diabetes. Stay hydrated and remove shoes and socks during the check.
  • Enlighten (30-minute check) and Reassure (50-minute check): Same as Inspire check. If you're pregnant, diabetic or have health conditions where fasting may cause an issue, do not fast. Please collect a urine sample bottle from outside the allocated health check room prior to your appointment and bring the sample with you to your appointment.


What happens at the Health Check?


On the day, you'll meet our practitioner who will conduct your health check in a private room. Feel free to ask any health-related questions. They'll give you results along the way, which are recorded online for you.


When will I get my results?


Your practitioner will explain your results during the check. Your full report will be available online within two working days, and you'll be notified by email.


What if my results are high?


If any results are outside a healthy range, the practitioner will explain what it means and suggest lifestyle changes. They might recommend that you follow up with your GP and provide a form you can share with them.


Are enhancements or upgrades available?


Yes, you can find further information on additional tests available with our Enhancement Options here.


Home test kits


Home test kits for extra tests will be delivered after your health check. They're posted on Wednesdays so the kit will be dispatched the next Wednesday after your appointment. You'll receive an email when it's been posted. Results will be available online and you'll be notified by email. For more information, visit We're here to help and support you every step of the way.


If you need any further help, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.